Who is Mediesitter?


Hey! My name is Susanne Hoff-Clausen, and I’m an entrepreneur. I’m trained in and have worked with administration, advertising sales & marketing and media planning for many years, and I have a business certificate in business language/English. I have worked with many different website platforms before I fell in love with and decided on WordPress.

My interest for creating and working with homepages started back in 2012 where I was appointed vice conference manager for a world conference in Odense, Denmark. The budget was tiny and the prices for creating and maintaining our homepage were horrendous, something had to be done. Of course, I asked my network, and here someone offered to introduce me to WordPress.

It was a huge challenge and responsibility to take on, and I still enjoy every minute. The network around WP is fantastic, helpful and positive – and always moving forward, taking public initiatives, requirements for systems and content into account. at the same time as, having focus on usability and customer’s demands.

Mediesitter - Susanne Hoff-Clausen

Mediesitter’s business idea

Medie (media in Danish) + (baby)sitter = Mediesitter.

Previously, the business idea for Mediesitter was to work with social media marketing, and especially Facebook maintaining pages with posts, events and advertising. But most of the time, I found myself developing, redesigning or maintaining websites in WordPress - so now, the business idea for Mediesitter is: All businesses need a homepage.

Mediesitter is strongest in cooperation with smaller companies and entrepreneurs. With Mediesitter, you get an authentic, constructive and demanding cooperation - I do not compromise until everything is tried in the making - or redesign of your website.

It's complicated to work with homepages, there are a lot of details, ideas, dreams, demands and knowledge, what can be done, what can’t be done – before it all comes together.

There are m a n y options available – choose Mediesitter to be your guide.

Here are the homepages Mediesitter has designed on the basis of demands, content, appearance, features and dreams plus more - click here.